9 Ways to Learn About the New Facebook Insights

Facebook announced January 9th: “We have completed migrating all data available in the old version of Insights to the new Insights dashboard. With this and other recent improvements, you can now view and export metrics for any specified time frame. We will discontinue the old Insights tool on January 31 to focus resources on the new Insights dashboard.”

Well, I’m hear to say that the new Insights are awesome! If you’ve never utilized your Insights before, now is a great time to start.

1. On the left hand side of your Facebook page, you’ll see Insights. Click ‘See All’.

2. On the left you’ll see ‘Users’. Click on ‘details’ next to it.

3. You’ll see your New Likes, Lifetime Likes, and Monthly Active Users at the top. as well as lots of nice graphs.

4. You can then see where someone was on your page when they clicked the ‘like’ button. It’s on the right and it’s called ‘Like Sources’.

5. One important demographic you’ll also find is an age and gender breakdown. Talk about your target market!

6. Next down the page is the Countries, Cities and Languages associated with those people connected to your page.

7. Then, my favorite, ‘Activity’. You can which of your tabs people are most viewing. Your wall, your custom tab, your photos, etc.

8. To the right of Tab Views is External References. This will tell you how people are getting to your page. Is it Google, Twitter, your web site. etc.?

9. Lastly, you’ll see your Media Consumption. This will show you how many people looked at your pictures and videos (you know you were wondering).

We’ll leave off with an odd number ‘9’ just to be different. Enjoy learning more about who and how often people are visiting your Facebook page!
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