New Facebook Page Creation Flow

Friday Facebook Pages posted:

We’re excited to introduce a streamlined Page creation process to help businesses, brands, and celebrities easily create a presence online using Facebook Pages.

1. Simplified Interface

The new interface provides a visual guide to help you understand how your Page will be grouped and identified on Facebook. Whether you own a local business, are a musician or simply want to express an opinion/highlight a cause via a Community Page, the simpler format helps you easily identify and create a Page that best represents your brand on Facebook.

New Facebook page creation flow

New Facebook page creation flow

2. Detailed Page Categories

To create a Page on Facebook, simply select the group that best represents your Page. You will then see options to create a Page under a specific category. These categories are more detailed to ensure that it is correctly identified on Facebook and accurately surfaced on the profiles of people who connect to your Page.

3. Local Businesses

Pages for local businesses are an important tool in helping people find and connect with their favorite restaurants, salons, or coffeeshops. When you create a Page for your business, you will have the opportunity to provide your address and phone number to help your customers easily find and interact with your business.


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