New Facebook Ads Manager

February 24th, 2011

More changes from Facebook recently in Facebook ads. First, I was invited to upgrade:

You’re invited to try the new Facebook Ads campaigns page
  • We’re making improvements to the Ads Manager interface that will take effect later this month. to take a look at your new Campaigns page and learn about its improved navigation and functionality.
Then, I was invited to take a Facebook Ads survey:
Help us improve Facebook Ads.

Your feedback is important to us as we work to continuously enhance out advertising products. Please take a few minutes to share your experience by filling out a brief survey.Facebook ads survey

It’s always interesting to see Facebook’s changes. I’ve taken very few survey’s about Facebook, so it’s interesting they are gathering advertising data.
I’ll be on the lookout for new update and be sure to share them on my blog.

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This blog is about helping business owners understand the ever-changing world of social media to help create a buzz about their business. My passion is to help businesses of all sizes grow and prosper!
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One Response to New Facebook Ads Manager

  1. cspeno says:

    The blog is looking good, Cindy. Lots of helpful stuff here. Thanks!

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