Facebook Privacy and Other Changes

Facebook Privacy and Other New Changes – August 25th, 2011

Facebook recently made some privacy and other changes.  Not everyone saw the changes immediately on August 25th, but everyone should by now.

It seems you can’t read an article these days about Facebook that doesn’t mention the word ‘privacy’ in it. Now, similar to selecting certain Google+ circles, Facebook allows you to control who sees your posts. They also allow you to control who can comment on your posts.

The first change is the addition of locations to your posts. You can easily add your current city, neighborhood, or even place. You can turn this feature on or off at any time.The next change is the ability to tag people you are with. The post will be seen by the person you’ve tagged and their friends, just like when you tag someone in a photo. Keep in mind that when you tag a business as a person, it will not appear on the businesses Facebook page, however, if you tag a business, it will appear. You also have the option to approve or reject a post or photo that you are tagged in.

Lastly, clicking on drop down arrow next to the ‘Public’ button, you can control who sees your posts and who is able to comment on them. Your setting will stay the same for future posts. This will stay the same until you change it again.

Note that the label that was called ‘Everyone’ is now called ‘Public’.

In addition to these changes, you’ve probably noticed that photos you view on Facebook are larger. They are also a higher resolution, making them larger and more vibrant.

Here is a simple video from Facebook on the new privacy changes: http://www.facebook.com/about/sharing/

Do you like Facebook’s new changes? What change is your favorite and why?


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One Response to Facebook Privacy and Other Changes

  1. cspeno says:

    Thanks for explaining all the latest on privacy issues and more on Facebook, Cindy. As always, your information is up-to-date and informative to all of us. Keep up the great work!

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