Wayne Liew’s 7 Tips to Boost the Happiness Level of a Facebook Page

One thing we are at Marketing 2 Go is happy! In this article, author Wayne Liew gives 7 Tips to Boost the Happiness Level of a Facebook Page.

Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor in your posts and interactions with fans helps to humanize your Facebook Page. Most Facebook Pages are boring. Sprinkling some witty lines and funny images across a few of your posts will immediately grab the attention of your fans. Almost every Facebook user is surfing the site in a casual manner, seeking for fun and entertaining content. This behavior caused the inclination of sharing amusing images or status updates.

And yes, a little sense of humor makes your fans smile too!

Engage with Fans

Connecting and interacting with fans on a personal level give the fans, who are taking extra efforts in commenting, the feeling of importance. And of course, when they realized that the ongoing interaction on your Facebook Page is actually happening in a two-way manner, they will come back for more. Ask yourself. Do you prefer talking to somebody that will give you a response or somebody that does not even bother what you are talking about?

Brainstorm for updates, comments and responses that will help to understand your fans more. Ask questions that force your fans to take sides and debate. Create a simple poll. Dive into the stream of responses and start pushing for more by asking for further elaborations or questions. Have fun and mingle around with your fans.

Groupon Malaysia Facebook Interaction in Comments

Be Personable in Your Responses

Avoid canned comments or responses because these fail to show the sincerity of your business and most of the time, your fans will be able to spot this quickly. Be personable and if you know a customer or client well enough, don’t be afraid to show it in your reply. Often times, by visiting a fan’s personal Facebook profile will reveal some recent happenings that will probably help you in crafting a personable response.

When these efforts are made in coming up with a response that your fans can relate to, you are actually humanizing your page and the fans will appreciate it since they know that they are actually interacting with a real person.

Choose Your Colors

Colors are elements that influence the mood level of your fans. Referring to the Psychological Properties of Colors, you may want to consider publishing images that contain mainly of bright colors such as red, yellow and orange in order to raise the happiness level of your Facebook Page.

Want some examples of Facebook Pages that are using brightly-colored images that do not only capture the attention of fans but also entice them to like and comment on the images? Check out the Skittles and Nutella‘s Facebook Page.

Skittles Colorful Facebook Page

Always Be Testing and Repeat the Good Stuffs

In order to determine and understand which type of posts generate the most likes, comments and shares, you need to constantly track the performance of your posts using Facebook Insights. Identify which of them are performing well so that by increasing the amount of similar posts, the engagement level and positiveness of your page will increase.

How Can We Measure Happiness?

To be honest it’s hard to measure the level of happiness using numbers. Facebook stats (likes, comments and shares) are simple data points that you can use. In fact, happiness is something that you can sort of gauge for yourself when you visit a page. How positive or negative are the comments and updates from fans?

You can of course use sentiment analysis tools such as Trackur or Social Mention but they do not specifically measure the overall sentiment of your Facebook Page. Do ping us in the comment section below if you know a tool that does that.

What have your seen boost happy responses on your Facebook page?


Wayne is the Founder of Sprout Geek, an online publication with insights, tips and tricks covering all startup and small business aspects, for entrepreneurs and business owners.



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